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4 Chic Christmas Decorations for Your Lawn

4 Chic Christmas Decorations for Your Lawn
06 Dec 2021

Sprucing up your house for Christmas is no easy feat. From wreaths to warm lights to Christmas trees to garlands, there is a spectrum of ideas – and decorations - to consider. Regardless of the decorations, you are striving for, we are going suggest to starting with exterior decor to spread that cheer in the neighbourhood. Here are 4 outdoor ideas for a statement-making Christmas holiday.

Start with lawn: Cover up your lawn with a bunch of Christmas decorating essentials. If the lawn has extra space or structures, decorate the to celebrate the festive season. A gazebo, playhouse, birdfeeder stand, artificial turf, garden shed or wishing well can be decorated for coordinating with lights & accents on your lawn. You may call the exterior designers or artificial turf installation experts for decorations.

Decorate trees: Instead of putting Christmas lights on the trees on the lawn, add strands of beads and beautiful ornaments for decorations that can be visible all the time. Candy canes & bows can be the other fun options, or decorate outdoor Christmas trees with popcorn strings & birdseed suet balls for giving wild birds a Christmas treat.

Play with patio: A patio is one of the important parts of a house. There are several ways to decorate your patio for a Christmas party. You can install classic patio furniture to add a layered beauty. While decorating a patio, cleaning must be essential as it is exposed to moisture, outside elements, etc. So, you may consider power washing to remove surface dust and dirt from the floor. Apart from that, you may add temporary curtains for privacy. Make your patio as festive as your indoor with fantastic holiday decorating ideas. Cosy up to your patio furniture with soft pillows and blankets, and then place a Christmas tree to make a welcoming seating area.

Make the outdoor colourful: No need to limit Christmas decorations to traditional green and red. Unexpected hues such as teal, Fuschia, royal blue and purple may lend a festive air to your front porch area equally. Flank the front door with oversized lanterns and wrapped packages for a vibrant burst of holiday cheer. Apart from that, hang grapevine wreaths in the front windows to create a simple charm. Welcome your guests with a front porch decked in emerald greens and bright reds.

Outdoor decoration is fun. Dress up your lawn, patio and garden area with holiday accents to make a Christmas patio retreat. If you need to add more ideas, call the garden or patio professionals near you.

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