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Eye-Catching Landscape Construction and Landscaping Solutions in Wodonga and Thurgoona

Eye-Catching Landscape Construction and Landscaping Solutions in Wodonga and Thurgoona

Eye-Catching Landscape Construction and Landscaping Solutions in Wodonga and Thurgoona

For all of your professional landscape construction or gardening services in the greater Wodonga area and Albury, you can't go past us here at Chris Smith Happy Gardeners. A range of plant and water feature services are also available to all of our customers, so no matter what your next landscape construction or garden maintenance project entails - we can complete it.

We are known for offering complete landscaping solutions

Chris Smiths Happy Gardeners take pride in the abilities of the employed manpower who can take fulfill every aspect of landscape construction. We pledge to complete our projects with efficiency and professionalism.

Eventually, we are leading in landscape construction in Thurgoona and Wodonga, along with landscape and ground maintenance, and horticulture.  For long years of existence, we made sure to provide cost-effective and standard services to commercial properties, residential estates, and government units. Our approach to landscape construction and maintenance ensures reliable and consistent landscape solutions, despite the property being a complex one.

The complete landscaping services we provide are -

  • Landscape Design

The first step to the landscaping project is to design the landscape. Along with the designing team, we allow our clients to have an initial consultation to find out what the clients are looking for. Likewise, our designers ensure the clients get the maximum out of the landscaping process. Next, the completed design blueprint is developed that informs our landscapers what they have to do.

  • Landscape Construction

After the designing process, our landscaping team works alongside the landscaping designer to give life to the outdoor spaces. The landscape construction services we provide range from transforming the garden completely to building up a water feature and paving.

  • Garden Maintenance

Our experienced gardeners and landscapers are always beside you to keep the garden tidy. We shall take care of garden maintenance of all types which include one-off jobs like turf laying and tree removal, and regular work.


The Working Formula We Follow

First Step - Meeting and Greeting; that is Consultation, Planning, and Advice 

Second Step - Using Pen and Paper; Designing the Landscape and deciding the Quotation.

Third Step - Starting to Work Out; Landscape Construction

Fourth Step - Final Work is the Ultimate Proof; Signing-off and Handover


Why Choose Us?

Concerned with landscape construction, our staff can always find out appropriate ways to solve the issues, which prevent the much-desired construction. At the end, you ought to have a constructed landscape like a garden or the entertainment lawn area.

We have a great onsite team and well as exceptional office team for all sorts of landscape management, best quotes, and successful projects. Our efficient team prioritizes the client and communicates with them constantly to keep the clients in every string to complete the project successfully.

Get in touch with us by providing us your details, and we shall send you a free quote.

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