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How Does Best Artificial Turf Prevent the Risk of Playtime Injuries for Dogs?

How Does Best Artificial Turf Prevent the Risk of Playtime Injuries for Dogs?
08 Jul 2022

Beautiful and green yards are charming, but their worth is fostered when your pet dogs are free from dangers during their outdoor games. There is a high chance for the pets to be injured by the grass seeds, invisible fumes, fleas and ticks. As a pet owner, you should be aware of these dangers, and choose to install artificial turf for curbing these issues and not compromising the beautiful yard.

How Should You Keep Your Pet Dogs Protected From All Sorts of Backyard Injuries?

By hiring turf installation services from the well-known artificial grass installers in Albury, you can actually ensure the protection of your dog from these mentioned backyard injuries.

i. Scrapes

With playtime becoming somewhat rough, the soft surface of artificial turf acts as a preventive against scratches and scrapes. Covering the possible areas with artificial turf, like down the flush against the fences’ sharp edges prevents the dogs from injuries.

ii. Broken and Torn Nails

In yards with hardscapes like asphalt, wood and concrete, there is a high chance for the dogs to break their nails. Due to these materials being rough and tough, the dogs' paw pads and nails are sure to be seriously harmed.

So, the appropriate alternative is the soft artificial grass blades which are gentle on the dogs' feet and nails. Even, unlike natural grass, these do not become muddy and slippery. By no means will their paws be torn up when they play in the yard, despite not having claws.

iii. Skin Infection

Accidentally getting stuck on the dogs’ paws and burrowing under their skin, the grass seeds and burrs cause severe infections. Sharp grass seeds easily embed themselves into the dog’s foot or else between its toes and infect them, which turns out to be painful requiring further surgery.

Dense plant material balls, which are burrs stick to the dog’s fur and cause utter discomfort when pulled at their fur and skin. Ultimately, it results in infection.

No seeds and burrs are present in artificial turf. Hence, no question of the dogs succumbing to these injuries.

How Does the Artificial Turf Prevent the Pet From Becoming Sick?

Besides injuries, installing artificial turf saves the dogs from falling prey to certain health conditions, as listed below.

1. Lyme Diseases and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Through Tick Infestations

Ticks carry harmful diseases, like deadly Lyme diseases and Rock Mountain spotted fever, thus forming serious threats to dogs' health. Feeding off blood by attaching themselves to the dogs' skin, these parasites infest the dogs and cause them to suffer from lethargy, low blood pressure, weight loss and poor coordination.

Natural lawns with their moist and overgrown environment are fit for the ticks to thrive. Synthetic grasses are never wet a lot which could likely attract the tick population. Here is the difference. Water is only needed for occasional cleanups. Even if they remain short, thus no question of ticks having a hiding place.

2. Dreadful Flea Infestations

Fleas find a good breeding ground in the natural grass. Such parasites are the tapeworms carriers. Once they take their hold, eradicating these notorious parasites is dreadfully tough. As such they prove uncomfortable and painful to the dogs. Fleas even spread serious diseases likely to infect human beings. It is easy for the dogs to pick up fleas from other animals, or else when they roll around in natural grass, flea eggs and larvae get attached to their bodies.

Choosing to install artificial turf other than the natural grass discourages flea hosting since the surface is unfavourable for them to thrive. At the same time, pests like raccoons and rats carrying fleas least find the artificial synthetic turf interesting.

3. Deadly Heat Stroke

A life-threatening heat stroke is likely to happen to dogs having long hair and thick coats when they are overheated due to the high temperatures and humidity, thereby suffering from kidney failure, respiratory problems, heart attack and even death. On hot days, by absorbing and emanating heat, the natural grass and hardscapes raise the yard's temperature to extreme height. But with the artificial turf installed, such dangers become null and void. The artificial turf does not retain heat, and whenever needed, it can be cooled down by applying water. No question of puddles formation on the turf. Their drainage holes get rid of water, pet urine and similar moisture with efficiency.

4. Severe Chemical Poisoning

Lawn health is maintained by pesticides and weedicides, but these chemicals are dangerous to dogs. The released toxic fumes and residues cause the dogs to suffer from different health issues like nausea, seizures, vomiting and also coma if they happen to ingest or digest.

With artificial turf selection, weedicides or pesticides or such chemicals lose their importance of being applied on the lawn. Artificial turf project a perennial aesthetic look with minimum upkeep. Hence, the dogs are safe from exposure risks.

5. Unwanted Allergic Reactions

Most dogs are susceptible to allergic reactions. By coming in touch with the pollen from grass, weeds and other plants, they start triggering certain symptoms which include itching skin, excessive paw licking, diarrhea, vomiting and sneezing.

But with artificial turf installation, there is no question of pollen production, hence no triggering of allergic reactions in dogs.

So, we can clearly understand that the artificial turf converts your yard into a safe haven. Dogs' safety and good health are of paramount importance while they are playing or being trained in your yard. Artificial turf turns out to be the finest selection to enliven the yard's appeal and allow the dogs to be comfortable in the yard.

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