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How to Make a Healthy Garden?

How to Make a Healthy Garden?
12 Feb 2021

Gardening is one of the lovable and fun activities but unfortunately, not everybody gives time and effort to it due to their busy lifestyles. There are several ways to keep your garden beautiful such as gardening, pruning, trimming, etc. To keep your garden healthy, proper maintenance and care should be considered. Follow 4 tips to make a healthy garden.

Watering is the most essential tips to maintain your garden. Try to keep the garden bed and flowers moist evenly and water just 1 to 2 times per week. According to the garden maintenance professionals in Albury, early morning or evening is the right time to watering. However, overwatering can be harmful to your garden plants. Avoid watering plant heads and leaves to prevent the formation of mould. Experts also suggest installing an advanced irrigation system. It helps to regulate and control water and moisture amount.

Lawn care
Experts in Albury suggest protecting your garden lawn from hot temperatures. Generally, 26°C is perfect for planting and fertilizing. If the temperature starts rising up, try to avoid cutting or trimming grass as well as shrubs too short as they prevent soil from drying. We have already mentioned above that the optimum time of watering is 4 to 8 am.

Prevent weed growth
Weed growth is a big problem faced by many garden owners in Albury. To prevent its growth, try to reduce space for weeds as much as possible. This is because the bare soil is the perfect place of weeds. So, never leave soil inside of your garden bed. Apart from that, mulch can prevent weed seeds from growing. Mulch effectively minimizing weed seed germination and block sunlight from reaching the soil. Experts suggest applying a chemical fertilizer with unwanted weed control.

Regular inspection and maintenance
Last but not the least, regular inspection and maintenance is extremely essential for making your garden healthy. Over time, dust, dirt, dead leaves, broken branches, pest and bird droppings make your garden dirty and unorganized. To keep your garden beautiful, regular inspection and maintenance should be considered. Apart from that, professional gardeners suggest trimming, pruning, fertilizing and trimming after a certain period of time. Some eco-friendly fertilising solutions should also be considered.

Maintaining a garden is not very tough. You have to consider some simple gardening solutions and to give a little effort. So, try to maintain this timing. However, if you are too busy to care for your lawn, it’s better to consult with professionals.

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