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Importance of investing in artificial turf around the pool area

Importance of investing in artificial turf around the pool area
07 Apr 2022

While a well-organised pool surrounded by lush greenery is unquestionably lovely, it's also a problematic combination. As a result, an increasing number of property owners are opting to put fake turf around the pool – according to artificial turf installation experts in Thurgoona. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of investing in artificial turf around the pool area.


Artificial grass is made out of strong synthetic strands that, unlike natural grass, do not fade, break, or decompose. It will tolerate repeated exposure to pool water without losing or fading its colour, and it will last for many years without needing to be replaced.

No cutting and mowing:

Unlike real grass, artificial turf never requires mowing, pruning or watering. This removes the need to constantly drive a lawnmower around your pool area throughout the year.

Water conservation:

Artificial grass conserves water by removing the need to irrigate your lawn on a regular basis. Along the way, you'll also save a lot of money on the water bills!

No bugs:

Insects cannot thrive on your lawn if you have turf around your pool, so you won't have to worry about mosquitoes, worms, or other insects.

No weeds:

Artificial turf, unlike natural grass, is designed to endure weeds and damage, removing the have to treat the lawn with chemicals to eliminate them. There'll be no more straining your back removing weeds!


Even in inclement weather, the artificial turf surrounding the pool looks as nice as it would on a bright day. So don't be concerned about rain, heat, or high winds—your pool area will look great no matter what.

No mud and dirt:

Mud and dirt are not a concern with artificial turf. As a result, you can have pool parties without having to worry about causing damage to your home or getting your pool dirty

Less cleaning time:

Many individuals claim that the time it can take to maintain their pools prevents them from being used as frequently as they would want. Artificial grass surrounding the pool, on the other hand, can save you the half-hour or more it takes to clean out leaves & dust that fall into the pool every week.

Enhanced curb appeal:

Artificial grass is more aesthetically pleasing than real grass, and it may be personalised to match your particular style or the design of your home. That implies a house that is more attractive and valuable than ever before!

The importance of high-quality artificial turf is huge. If you would like to add a new look to your pool area, call artificial turf near you.

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