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Need Tips for Landscape Construction? Here Are They

Need Tips for Landscape Construction? Here Are They
03 Nov 2020

As nature welcomes winter, then the landscapes take the time to sleep. Despite the winter months stretch on the mild side, still, the gardens and lawns are known to hibernate. With Spring settling in Wodonga, nature seems to wake up and shine. With winter bidding farewell, it is time to start with landscape construction.

In Wodonga, the homeowners must consider the essential steps to encourage their lawns to wake up and welcome the season. These are the important tips as shared by the professionals in charge of landscape construction in Wodonga.

i. Knowing Which Plants Should Be Planted, When And Where They Must Be Planted

Before planting new plants, ensure the plants are ideal for the Spring season as well as for your location in Wodonga. For better results, contact the professional landscape constructors regarded growing new plants in your yard. Even think about the amount of sun rays and the shade the plants are to receive in different parts of your garden or yard.

Taking help from the local landscaping for your lawns or garden about the worthy plants during Spring will keep your landscape brighter than ever.

ii. Identifying The Spring And Also The Summer Pests

As the plants and flowers are ready for blooming, then it is really good news. On the other hand, the bad news is the pests feeding on the flowers and plants from their winter break. To keep them out, you have to fence or wire the mesh to keep the pests away. You have to plant the plants and flowers which ward off the pests.

iii. Be Careful About The Future

When you plant the flowers and plants, plan for their growth. Think about how much the plants will grow in six months or even in the upcoming three years. Probably you might not be willing to plant shrubs which shall seem small and manageable only for blocking the view or destroy the sidewalk very soon.

iv. Clean The Tools

Unless the winter downtime has been used for cleaning the tools, then Spring is the time for the tools to be cleaned. Wipe the containers down, wash the pots, and throw the unwanted items away.Sharpen the mower blades as it eases out cutting the grass, and not tearing it though. Then, the yard or the garden will look healthier and better. Even set the mower’s height to higher settings.

v. Keeping The Grass Protected And Feeding Them

The good time for treating the grass using combined fertilizers is the first week of Spring. The fertilizers are helpful for feeding the grass and to keep the crabgrass away. Stopping the crabgrass in their track is better than spending the entire Spring fighting against it. After two months, you have to use the products again with the broadleaf weed killer.

vi. Trimming The Trees

The Winter season is exceptionally rough on the trees. The dead branches have to come down and it could not be apparent with the healthy branches and the ones about to end their lives.
In that case, hire the tree trimmer or the professional landscape constructors to take care of your trees and prune them after every three years.

Spring marks the revival of nature and it is the right time to help the landscape come back to life. No wonder the environment looks lovely and colorful with charming flowers and plants. Follow the tips as discussed to rejuvenate your landscape and retain its value.

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