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Pruning Roses To Take Care of Them

Pruning Roses To Take Care of Them

Chris Smiths Happy Gardeners has been providing the rose pruning services in Thurgoona, Albury, and Wodogona. Pruning roses either in the lawn or in the garden where our aesthetically skilled gardeners make sure to trim and prune the rose gardens with perfection during each season.

Three Concerns About Rose Pruning

Rose pruning and even trimming give rise to three questions - how is the pruning done, what is the right time for pruning and which parts of the rose plants to prune. Our gardeners are experienced in the field, and they provide a professional and reliable rose pruning service along with good advice on rose care and rightful maintenance.

What is the Right Time for Rose Pruning?

The ideal time to prune the roses is the winter season. During winters, the roses are inactive,  mostly between June and early days of August. If there is frost in the garden, then it is safe to take it up much lately. Our gardeners conduct pruning at the right time for the roses to get into the best shape and appearance. 

Why Prune the Roses

Pruning the Roses is extremely effective to -

  • Control the bush size and keep it neat
  • Maximize the rose production and encourage its strong growth

As the roses’ size is decreased, the plants develop fewer eyes, which require sap flow during spring. Ultimately, the outcome is a stronger stem production and hence many more flowers.

The roses will be producing water shoots or basal shoots at a continuous rate from its bud union at the plant’s base. So, new stems begin to form. The fresh rose stems take in a large amount of sap flow and produce longer stems bearing bigger and best quality flowers.

The sap flow gradually decreases over time and exhausts the stem. Then the old stems start losing their vigor and produce short twiggy shoots coupled with small and fewer flowers. The bark turns grey before they die off.

Rose pruning is helpful in accelerating the flower production process - helps the stems to produce better quality flowers, stems, and foliage. Removing the aged and grey stems allows the plants to shift their energy for new growth.

Proper and frequent rose pruning prevents the plants from undergoing poor plant growth, keeps them healthy and in proper shape.

Why Hire Chris Smiths Happy Gardeners for Rose Pruning?

We have adept lawn and garden professionals who make the best use of their knowledge to select and prune the rose plants just where they should be done. Needless to say, they are trained, qualified, and experienced to yield praiseworthy results - bigger, healthy, and wonderful flowers. Our professionals cater to your pruning needs to keep the garden blooming throughout.

We Know Exactly How to Take Care of the Roses

Soil management is the first step to care for the rose. Managing the soil involves planting the rose, spraying a lime Sulphur spray on the roses and even insecticides to keep the plants protected from pest problems. Our team is equipped with the right set of equipment and sprays to ensure the roses never lose their spellbound beauty and first-class health.

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