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What is Artificial Turf Made of? Brief Discussion

What is Artificial Turf Made of? Brief Discussion
12 Aug 2021

Artificial turf mainly looks like real grass mainly used to make artificial lawns, playgrounds and golf courses. Artificial turf installation experts always suggest installing good quality turfs as they are easy to install and they are UV-resistant, weatherproof and temperature resistant. Let's discuss different components of artificial turf.

The blades are the most essential components of artificial turf. These blades are generally made of nylon or polyethylene materials. Polyethylene is also known as plastic commonly used to create several things such as bags, bottles, etc.

This is generally available in solid but the melted plastic is mixed with different chemicals and colours to make the blades highly UV resistant, durable and long-lasting. Apart from that, nylon sheets are also used to make artificial turf blades. Nylon sheets are generally extruded through moulds for producing fine fibres with round or oval cross sections. The extruded grass blades are high-quality blades that feel & look almost like natural & real grass.

The thatch layers are mainly manufactured from polypropylene & they always give additional support & cushioning to the synthetic turf.

Turf backing
Good quality artificial turf makes use of polyester tie cord as the blades & backing of turf are fixed onto the grass backing with the help of the tufting machine ensuring the grass blades, as well as thatch, are fixed securely.

The cushioning system of artificial turf is made of polyester rubber or foam compounds. These rubber tires or bases are made of recycled rubber or plastic. The fabric panels & threads used to sew the parts are made of good quality materials that achieve the quality parameter of strength, durability, colour retention, etc.

Benefits of using artificial turf
Artificial turf is in great demand across Thurgoona. This is because it provides a number of advantages. Good quality artificial turfs are easy to install & they last for a long time without the high maintenance. Some key benefits of artificial turf include

• UV-resistant
• Waterproof
• Low maintenance required
• Long lasting
• Heat and frost resistant
• Environmental friendly
• Child friendly
• Termite proof
• Mould and mildew resistant

Nowadays, the manufacturing & engineering of artificial turf has come a very long way. The modern synthetic grasses are tested with high-quality chemically treated materials making the turf highly UV resistant, less abrasive, water resistant, similar to natural grass. These turfs are very suitable for different applications. 

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