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What should be considered for seasonal gardening

What should be considered for seasonal gardening
28 Feb 2022

Who doesn’t like to wake up and see fresh green and lush gardens? But such a dreamy garden needs a lot of work. Garden maintenance can be a nuisance for anyone, but especially for someone who knows nothing about it. How many times has it happened that the plant you watered daily died. Oh, the betrayal that must sting. Let us help you to navigate the challenges of garden maintenance.

Proper equipment:

To get the dream garden one has to walk a mile! No, not literally, just figuratively. To get the desired result, one must have the right equipment for the job. A garden maintenance kit is your first task to assemble, even before you get your first plant. We have detailed some of the most important tools and equipment that are mostly used in gardening services in Thurgoona.


Firstly, a good pair of gloves. Well, safety comes first, when you invest in good pair of gloves you ensure your safety.

Hand trowel:

Secondly, you’d need a hand trowel, it’d come in very handy when you need to plant new saplings.

Digging fork:

The next thing on your list must be a good digging fork, digging fork is one very versatile equipment; it will help you manipulate the soil to get its maximum nutrition for your plant’s growth.

Sharp pruning shears:

Then, your kit must have some really good and sharp shears to help cut those unwanted twigs and produce them cleanly.

The right plant for the right season:

Have you ever thought – why is it so all my plants are dying even though I’m investing so much? Well, we hate to break it to you but there is a minor chance that whatever you’re planting is out of season. No need to get upset. You still get an A for effort. Let us help you sow the right plant at the right time. As the spring-summer season is approaching, it’s time to sow the right plant. Starting with fruits – from mango, muskmelon, watermelon, papaya, and grapes. Now, coming to flowers – pansy rose, peonies, lilac magnolia – these are some flowers that are well suited for both apartment and full-blown gardens.

Watering schedule:

Now coming to the tedious task – watering! Yes, we know you forgot to water the plants today. The watering process is one crucial part of gardening. No amount of investing can help, if, you have a bad watering schedule. Thus, apart from keeping your plants in a place where they can get ample sunlight, you need to water them daily! But not all plants need water daily. Overwatering can also kill your plant. Thereby, talk to your local gardeners and ask them for the planting schedule for each plant carefully.

Gardening services can become easy like a cakewalk if you follow these tips. We hope your dream of a lush, green, and harvest-heavy garden can come to life. Just don’t forget to water your plants this time.

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